You can add a new patient in three quick steps.

Once you have logged in from the Mobius website, the 'Add New Patient' button is visible on every page:

Click that to open the Add Patient Form which looks like this:

Complete the form with the following information:

Patient First Name and Last Name - hopefully this is self-explanatory!

Patient Mobile number - enter in format 041XXXXXXX

Return Patient - select yes if they are returning for follow up treatment

Patient Consent - will be set default to yes

Procedure Start Date - the date of the actual procedure. Cannot be added retroactively as the patient receives the first SMS prior to the procedure.

GP/Referring Clinician - optional, can be added if known

Clinic Name - select from the Drop Down

Imaging Radiologist - select from the Drop Down

Add Another Patient - select this if you are adding multiple patients

Submit - click when complete and the patient will be added to the platform

Watch this demo to see how easy it is!

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