Once the patient has completed the 28 day program, the status of the report will be marked as "completed" within the Mobius Dashboard.

There are a number of ways to access the report once it is completed:

From the Procedure Tab;

  1. Click the "eye" emoji far right of the procedure to view the report immediately.

2. You can click the "download PDF" from the top right corner

From the Patient Tab:

  1. In the Patient field you wish to view the report - click the "+" icon far right of screen - this will take you to the Patient Data page.

OR you can click any where on the Patient field - to expand the view

...and click on the Procedure ID to go to the Patient Data page.

Once in the Patient Data page

Please Note: Once the report is complete and ready to to be reviewed a copy of the report will be sent via email to the dedicated Office Liaison and also automatically to the patient via SMS.

If you wish to learn more - please follow the Patient GIPT Report Demo below.

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