All admin staff can add in a new Doctor through the Mobius GIPT platform.

Firstly you'll need to log in to the platform and select the "Account" option in the top right corner.

Next you'll need to select the "Clinic & Team Members" option in the screen left menu of Accounts. Once in this layout you can then click "+ New Team Member" .

You can then go ahead and fill out the form. You will need the Radiologist name, Clinic and email address. All Radiologists user roles are "Contributor".

Once this is saved (click save :) you can return to the main dashboard (click the X button in the top right of far left column.)

You can now find your Radiologist from the drop down tab - see below image.

That's it!!

Alternatively - you can always ask us to help you at any time via the blue support chat in the bottom right of your screens.

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